Find Us

Underground Venues’ main base is located under the Old Hall Hotel in the centre of Buxton. Head here for all shows in the Paupers Pit and Barrel Room, or for information or tickets to all shows.

Address: Underground Venues, The Square, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6BD
("Venue 10" on the Buxton Fringe Venue map)

The Arts Centre is located 1 minute’s walk away on St John’s Road (a part of the Pavilion Garden’s Complex). Head here for shows in the Arts Centre Studio and Arts Centre Auditorium only.

Address: The Arts Centre, St John’s Road (where it meets Water Street), Buxton
Derbyshire, SK17 6XN ("Venue 74" on the Buxton Fringe Venue map)

Opening Times

The venue is open every day of the Fringe (1st-1st), usually from 2pm to 12pm. The Box Office is open from thirty minutes before the first show until 10 minutes after the last show starts, and always between at least 2.30pm and 10pm.